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SPOTBOT is an electronic smart device that connects to your standard CCTV camera system, transforming it into a state of the art Intruder Detection System.

SPOTBOT provides 24/7 human or vehicle detection on the monitored CCTV camera feeds, excludes all other moving objects including pets, insects, vehicles and nature (swaying vegetation)
When a human being is detected by SPOTBOT, the user receives a snapshot picture with a RED CIRCLE around the intruder through the Telegram APP. This snapshot picture can also be shown on a HDMI screen connected to the SPOTBOT or through a verbal notification through a SPOTBOT connected speaker output.

Through advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), SPOTBOT can detect a human figure moving into any of the camera frames and excludes all other moving objects such as pets, insects,vehicles and nature (swaying vegetation).

When a human figure is detected, an alarm is triggered and reported to the user by means of:

✔ TELEGRAM APP: Detection reported audibly (message tone) any visually(photo)
✔ HDMI INTERFACE: Detection supplied visually on HDMI screen.
✔ SPEAKER INTERFACE: Detection supplied verbally through a speaker.
A single SPOTBOT can monitor a maximum of 8 camera feeds at a time.
SPOTBOT supports most mainstream camera brands including Hikvision, Provision and Dahua. Over time other CCTV camera brands will also be added and supported. SPOTBOT does not need very high resolution cameras. The resolution you need will depend on the application and the level of detail needed. For SPOTBOT, 720p HD cameras will be sufficient and it will still perform well on even lower resolution. Even low resolution camera feeds (352x240 pixels) had good detection results. SPOTBOT will not affect the normal application and use of the CCTV system.
A lot of applications requires detection at night. SPOTBOT performs well at night even on the weaker night vision video-streams. Make sure your CCTV cameras performs well at night with sufficient IR range.
A SPOTBOT device can be activated and deactivated remotely by the user using the TELEGRAM App on a smart phone.
R 12 995.00 Incl. VAT
Who are we?

Alarmquip is a small business that understands the importance of security systems like alarms, cctv, access control systems and many more. To have a good security system looking after your house or business, we all know it comes with high costs.

Our Goal is to supply excellent security systems and products to all customers at lower costs.

After spending almost 15 years in the field as a technician, one does learn what customers say they need, what the customer really need and what we in the security industry can supply for the customer's needs and supply sufficient security coverage.

"No matter how or what you feel... get up... dress up... show up and         NEVER GIVE UP" (By Regina Brett)

Through God our Almighty, anything and everything is possible.

Alarmquip (PTY) LTD was founded in April 2022 by Jacobus J Putter.
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